Peitien Energy 99

Peitien Energy 99 Sticks. Made from beans and wholegrains, it has 7 different flavours to satisfy your craving.

PT Baby Rice Cake & Roll

Peitien Baby rice cake and rice roll is healthy and delicious. A treat not just for babies, but for people of all ages.

Peitien Konjac Biscuit

Peitien Konjac biscuit is a popular snack that is filling and delicious!

Sanwa Soda Bisciuts

Sanwa Soda Biscuits. Has 7 different flavours. Trans-Fat free and tasty.

Chestnut Biscuit

Hongda Chestnut Biscuit, A biscuit staple that can be eaten everyday with the taste of chestnuts.

Butter Cookies

Silang brand Danish Butter cookies is made from imported ingredients. A Favourite Among Office Crowds.

Rice Cracker

Tenka Ichiban Rice Cracker

Tenka Ichiban Rice Cracker is Crunchy and Delicious. Suitable for people of all ages. Suitable for Vegetarians.